17Apr 2017

  1.What is the nail stratification after taking off nail?      (1) not in accordance with the correct unloading nail steps when unloading nails. (2) excessive force in the use of small steel to push off the residual gel, damage to the nail surface caused by the layer. (3) If it is the first […]

11Mar 2017

Why is the nail gel polish always painted uneven?      Common reasons: 1 take nail gel polish do not scratch the brush, directly on the color. Nail polish will follow the brush bar down the flow, leading you in the process of coloring nail polish too much. 2 Vigorously press the brush. Some nail technician […]

21Feb 2017

Acrylic pigment is a kind of chemical pigment, after a certain proportion of water can be used to draw good-looking pattern. But in the actual operation of the process often have different problems. I am today to answer some of the common problems of acrylic paint.     Propylene pigment operation difficult   Q1 How […]

10Jan 2017

Always shrink gel? Many nail technician encountered this situation: just do a good job of manicure is reduced by half, can only be embarrassed with customers dry stare. Others shrink gel is invisible to the naked eye, your shrinkage is a big step forward, after all, where did you offend the shrink gel it? Today, […]

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