Guangzhou seedear Trade Co., Ltd., in the rapid development stage of entrepreneurship, members are 90 young people, mainly engaged in e-commerce and foreign trade, Main nail products, nail gel, professional beauty products import and export trade, cooperation with well-known domestic manufacturers , Also has its own professional production process. Channel development strength, with Amazon, EBAY, WISH, ALIEXPRESS and other sales channels. Team, there are a number of experienced executives and members, operations, art, customer service, logistics, warehousing and management talent readily available.
Product design, from the bottle to the packaging, have our unique insights and design, to abandon homogeneity. Powerful graphic design and visual packaging promotion is our advantage.


AZURE BEAUTY focus nail innovation, taking quality and service as first priority, concentrate on pursuitting the service attitude of customer orientation.The theme of AZURE BEAUTY is “colorful nails, happiness life”. Bring enthusiasm and colors to life, Everyone who loves Nail innovative design can interpret each of unparalleled charm.

The theme of SEXYMIX is “Young”and “Enthusiasm”,full of fashion ,Conculding Young Girl Series,wedding new series trending style. Sexymix bottle capacity of 7ML, positioning for the low-end market, the brand’s advantage lies in the diversity of product types, the price competitive, won the customer favorite, with unlimited potential.

Modelones is a rising brand ,focus on middle market,full rang nail art design tools,becoming a popular brand around the world. Since this on-line, modelones with its broken bamboo trend is climbing, the product from the label to the type and then packaging, product ranking ranked first in the industry big words, natural flow is other competitors can not match the height.



Our Group has its own unique idea, love nail fashion, dedicated, unity together.


Our success is measured by your success. We are commited to you, to provide the best products, to share our knowledge through unprecedented education, therefore developing long lasting customer loyalty.

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