1.What is the nail stratification after taking off nail?


(1) not in accordance with the correct unloading nail steps when unloading nails.

(2) excessive force in the use of small steel to push off the residual gel, damage to the nail surface caused by the layer.

(3) If it is the first time to do nail guests, there may be sensitive to the composition of the demolition of nails and lead to nail stratification.


2.Top coat was originally smooth, why do there be small particles after hand care?

The use of hand care products contain scrub ingredients, in the process of massage for the customer hand, scrub is massage into the top coat, this situation can be gently on the top coat surface grinding, and then coated with a layer of top coat and drying.

3.Why did the finished nail crack?


(1) top coat or nail gel polish quality is not good, poor tough texture of the product will be more brittle crack.

(2) nails themselves thin soft, nail gel polish hardness harder than nails, but also prone to cracking.

If the nails have cracks, not promptly deal with the cracks will lead to more and more until the whole piece of nails off!



4.Why do you always feel that there are small particles when painted with nail gel polish?

(1) If the nail polish just opened inside the use of particles, that is, the production process of dust into the general situation will not affect the use, if you feel affected, it is recommended to replace.

 (2) the use of a period of time to appear grainy, there may be nail artist in the nail process do not pay attention to the surrounding environment clean, dust into the bottle inside, it is recommended nail artist to tighten the bottle after each use of nail polish, avoid pollution and waste.


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