Acrylic pigment is a kind of chemical pigment, after a certain proportion of water can be used to draw good-looking pattern. But in the actual operation of the process often have different problems. I am today to answer some of the common problems of acrylic paint.



Propylene pigment operation difficult



How can acrylic pigment be colored evenly?

The key is the proportion of acrylic paint watered, the amount of water diluted, adjust the viscosity can make the color more uniform. Because the flow of acrylic pigment and nail polish is more similar, so you can refer to the satisfaction of the proportion.


Does the acrylic paint need to be cured under the lamp?

Propylene paint without the lamp, you can naturally dry, but need to wait until completely dry and then on the top coat.


Acrylic paint soon dried up, how to do?

Propylene pigment drying speed quickly, before no dry, you can add appropriate amount of water to reconcile it, but completely dry and then add water is not much effect.

After the acrylic paint was painted, the top coat was painted, but it soon fell off.

Used in a large area of painting, the acrylic paint finished after drying, the best layer of reinforced plastic cover, and then coated top coat. But if only similar to lace, lines and other simple painting, can be directly coated top coat.

How does propylene pigment remove?

According to the normal nail polish removal steps.

Can acrylic pigments be mixed with nail polish?

Note that both can not be mixed with color. If it is painted on the nail polish with acrylic paint, you must first coated with a layer of no-clean top coat, and then painted.




Other precautions


Is the color of acrylic paint painted well?

Propylene pigment contains color particles, texture is better, but painted too thick may be uneven.

Is the acrylic pigment suitable for practice on paper?

Different nailners have their own preferences, for the novice, the use of acrylic paint on paper hand-painted will be more cost-effective materials, but also because the propylene can naturally dry, will be more time-saving.

Acrylic paint accidentally get clothes and hands , how to do?

Acrylic paint to get the clothes is no way to clean, so it is recommended in the operation to wear a uniform; if you do not accidentally stained hands, wash your hands with a hand sanitizer or detergent.


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