Always shrink gel?

Many nail technician encountered this situation: just do a good job of manicure is reduced by half, can only be embarrassed with customers dry stare. Others shrink gel is invisible to the naked eye, your shrinkage is a big step forward, after all, where did you offend the shrink gel it? Today, I’ll talk to you. 



What is shrink gel?

shrink gel:A certain degree of contraction will occur after the light oil. And some contraction is to nail center shrink into a ball, so the glue on the side of the nail after the light will move after the point; some contraction is in a different direction, so the light after the nail polish plastic surface from a hole .


Why shrink gel?

The main component of the nail polish is light-cured resin, reactive diluent and some other nail polish materials. Reactive diluent is an essential part of the curing process of the nail polish, but it has a shrinkage!

Different brands of nail polish added to the active diluent content is not the same, but its content is proportional to the contraction rate! The more reactive diluent, the more obvious contraction.


Note that all of the nail polish has the characteristics of shrinkage, but the normal situation is very slight, the naked eye is difficult to see!


Why is your shrink gel so obvious?


   Operational issues


1. Nail Polish Apply too much too thick

Brush when you remember to be thin plastic coating, twice brush.


2. Polishing is not in place

Resulting in nail surface is too smooth, less adhesion. Particular attention should be paid to the nail after the edge of grinding, a ditch on both sides of these meticulous place, must be polished in place, so that the surface can be rough.


3. Cleaning is not in place

Nail surface cleaning is not detailed enough, not completely clean the surface of the grease film, or clean up after not pay attention to protecting the true A, constantly touch the nail surface.


4. Stained with grease

The outside of the oil adhesion to the surface easily lead to shrinkage, for example, customers do nail when the fingers do not accidentally hit a newly polished good side.


  Product problem


If the operation is not wrong, and many nail technician reflects the shrinkage of the product, that is, the product itself is a problem. But if it is dark nail polish gel gel more obvious, but it does not appear this problem light, it does not matter about the product ~

Because the darker nail polish gum than the more easily shrink gel! Especially your favorite black, on the market more or less a brand of rubber glue will appear shrinkage phenomenon ~

As long as you follow a small amount of thin coating, the principle of multiple colors, you can improve the situation of shrink gel it!


   Nail problems


Some people born with relatively strong oil secretion, so the surface of the oil is more difficult to clean up. There is the presence of grease, nail polish is difficult to attach a surface, so the nail technician must pay attention to cleaning the customer’s face, and be sure to account for customers, do not touch the naked face has been cleaned!

Nail technician can also prepare a number of specialized products to remove nail oil points have been prepared for a rainy day, such as the balance solution (desiccant), if the customer is only here you do not shrink gel and fall, she will become your loyal customer!

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