Products Range

Designed by nail art designer,concluding fashion, trending ,popular,cool,creative elements.

  1. Temperature Chameleon Nail Gel

    Change color with color difference

  2. Magnetic Nail Gel

    3D effect with a line like a cat eye,use with magnetic stick

  3. Shining Nail Gel

    More shiny colors optional

  4. Neon Nail Gel

    Shiny color like the neon light

  5. Chameleon Nail Gel

    Apply a layer of base black first and then cover the color you like

  6. Star Glitter Nail Gel

    Charming nail gel with moon and stars

  7. Chameleon magnet nail gel

    3D effect with charming color

  8. Nude Glitter Nail Gel

    Colorful nail gel with bling bling

  9. Cheese Nail Gel

    cheese gel polish likes ice cream

  10. Holographic Mirror Power Nail Decoration

    Silver/Gold glitter powder for nails DIY 

  11. Matte Top Coat

    Show the distinctive artistic effect

  12. Top Coat & Base coat

    The first step and the last step nail gel of nail art


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